empower the world.
Our Philosophy
We believe that the greatest fulfillment and joy occur when life is happening ThroughYOU.

Ultimately, you uncover how powerfully you can show up for the world, and how its transformation happens ThroughYOU. Your personal greatness serves to empower and bring forth the greatness in others. Your actions and way of being produce expanded levels of happiness, success, love and growth for everyone you encounter. In this state, you are genuinely connected to the world and can make a massive impact.

What We Do

We leverage the power of community to create an exponential impact in access to quality education, clean water and medical care around the world.

  • We partner with world class NGOS that have proven success in creating profound and sustainable impacts.
  • Our team travels to rural communities across the world to build projects alongside the communities we serve. Our passion is providing a top notch immersive experience, and we are intently focused on ensuring that members have a ton of fun, as well as time for reflection and discussion to maximize their experience.
How We Help

Our community sets tangible goals and tears down barriers to inspire members to take action against the effects of poverty every single day.

  • We connect individuals wishing to manifest the change they want to see in the world. Our community is the heart of ThroughYOU, and we are on a mission to build meaningful relationships that support each other in all areas of growth.
  • We offer coaching and mentorship to develop you into the leader you want to be for the world. As a community, we are here to support and guide you in overcoming roadblocks that prevent you from making the impact you wish to have.
  • Post-trek, we have an incredible community to share and connect with. This way, you can keep your inspiration and passion alive, and continue to contribute to others in even greater ways.