Our Mission

Our mission is to empower every human being to realize that change happens ThroughYOU. We leverage the power of community to create an exponential impact in equal access to quality education, clean water and medical care.

Our Vision

A completely connected world where every human being is empowered to create a brighter future, free from the constraints of poverty.

Our Values


We provide the clearing for our team to powerfully step into their full potential. During our projects we roll up our sleeves to work alongside the communities we impact. These projects are not reliant on further funding, leaving communities empowered to sustain them and build upon the foundation we lay together.


We believe that every human being deserves equal access to the basic human rights: clean water, food, healthcare, education, and a lifetime of fulfillment and love. The human experience should be one of flourishing and abundance for all.


Human connection is our source of power. We focus on immersive experiences because they truly exemplify the one thing we all have in common: our humanity. These experiences show us that it is possible to connect with anyone, regardless of any perceived difference or barrier.


We partner with world-class NGOs that are committed to making a lasting impact in their fields. We work solely with organizations who have proven structures and relationships in place to ensure our projects will positively impact lives for years to come.


Our commitment is to be ambassadors to the world who are responsible for making a lasting, positive impact that exceeds our own self interest. We take ownership of the fact that our actions have far reaching implications and that we have the privilege of creating a world that works for everyone.


We are unwavering in our commitment to our word. For us, integrity means consciously choosing what we are committed to, and seeing it through to completion at the highest standard.

Our Team

ThroughYOU is a (non-paid, volunteer-based) team of professionals from all walks of life. During our first school build in Malawi in November 2018, we experienced connections that transcended the barriers of language, and filled our souls in ways we couldn’t explain. After witnessing the true power of community, we vowed to take a stand for the world, and to empower others to do the same.

Chris Vasquez
Co-Founder, CEO

A year-long backpacking trip around the world changed my life forever. After teaching in Cambodia, Kenya and Ghana, I discovered the wonder of creating connection and love through empowering others. ThroughYOU is my commitment to unity and human transformation throughout the world.

Chris is the President on our Board of Directors.

Amanda Halabi
Co-Founder, COO

Having parents that fled a war torn country where education and electricity were never a promise, I have always felt my heart pulled towards those who were not afforded the same luxuries I was gifted. Today as a co-founder of ThroughYOU I have committed to bring a level, poverty free playing field to the world by growing our community of doers one beautiful human at a time. I want everyone to know the giants they are capable of being for the world.

Amanda is the Vice President on our Board of Directors.

John Anton
Co-Founder, Director of Leadership Development

My parents were refugees from a war torn country under such drastic circumstances that threatened their livelihood every day. Among the unstable political and religious feuds, they lived in a village with no electricity or running water. I have been blessed with the opportunity to grow up in the United States with abundant access to clean water, safety, and education and I’m committed to dedicating my life as a leader that serves others and tackles the world’s most troubling social and economic issues.

Erik Farney
Co-Founder, Director of Ambassador Relations

On our first trek to Malawi my host family gave me the name Yankho, meaning “The Answer.” Prior to the trek I was frustrated and resigned about the state of the world. The incredible people of that village and my amazing ThroughYOU co-founders allowed me to realize that every human being has the answer within them to transform the world.

Clara Salazar
Co-Founder, Director of NGO Partnerships

While building a school in Malawi I was so inspired by what the community taught me that I now feel it is my responsibility to make this opportunity available to as many people as possible. As a co-founder of ThroughYOU, I took on the Director of NGO Partnerships role because it is important to me that the people who take this opportunity get to work with ethical, efficient and sustainable organizations.

Marissa Phillips
Co-Founder, Director of Clean Water Partnerships

One of my biggest missions in life is to empower people to reach their potential. On the daily, I have the joy of fulfilling on this by working as a Special Education music therapist. With ThroughYOU, I have the privilege of working towards the goal of every human on the planet having access to clean water. I truly believe that is the foundation for education, empowerment, and ultimately limitless potential.

Linnea Westman
Co-Founder, Director of Events & Social Media

I’ve always been intrigued by cultures that foster a sense of community despite living in impoverished conditions. There is something about it I’ve always been drawn to, but everytime the opportunity arose, I found an excuse not to go. My ThroughYOU crew came along and pushed me outside my comfort zone to ignore my limiting beliefs. The experience was life-changing! Now that I’m back home, I want to empower people to do what they’ve always wanted to do. As Social Media and Event Coordinator it is my goal to connect us ordinary people wanting to do extraordinary things.

Linnea is the Treasurer on our Board of Directors.

Daniel Semple

Through my extensive traveling, coaching, and teaching, I have been exposed to ample opportunities to impact others. With this, I discovered one of my biggest passions: creating connections with and for others. As a founder of ThroughYOU, I have committed to bringing people together, empowering, and engaging those who want to make a change in the world.

Chris Perry

Growing up as a missionary kid opened my eyes to the poverty around the world. Seeing people living in cardboard boxes without clean water and no education broke my heart. I wanted to make a change but didn’t know how. Going and building a school in Malawi opened my eyes to the possibilities of how I could make an impact. I want others to have the chance to experience this too. ThroughYOU is my commitment to engaging others to serve, opening their eyes, and exposing them to view the world through a different lens.

Austin Smith

Traveling has always been an enormous part of my life, which eventually led me to teaching in Cambodia. I learned of the exponential impact an opportunity to education has on a community and discovered how I can be a part of bringing that same opportunity all over the world. With ThroughYOU, I am committed to empowering our community to make a sustainable impact in this world for others.

Mallory Phillips
Director of Branding & Marketing Strategy

My life is about bringing freedom and power to every individual and project I encounter. As a marketing professional, I seek to do this through my work in helping organizations and businesses grow and build dynamic relationships. Through my community work, I’m committed to seeing equity and empowerment grow through access and intentional development work. I am thrilled to partner with ThroughYOU to provide a structure for engaging and connecting with people all over the world.

Hannah Murphy
Director of Design & Branding

After a semester of studying around the world in college, I found happiness meeting as many people as possible and learning about other cultures. The impact that individual humans have on one another and the lessons we inadvertently learn from our interactions fascinated me. After teaching in Thailand for a year and gaining connections unlike any I had felt before, I knew that my day job as a graphic designer was only a small part of who I was. I truly thrived in helping individuals, and the desire to help communities in need was cultivated.

Hannah is the Secretary on our Board of Directors.

David Burnett

Principal Advisor

I am committed to a world of unity, connection, love and opportunity for all, especially children. ThroughYOU is a direct expression of that commitment, as it is about empowering the world to deliver that same opportunity for everyone. As a father of two amazing boys, I truly understand the need to nurture, educate, and develop kids at an early age and throughout their life. I am blessed to have the opportunity to provide that directly to them.